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Monday, June 25, 2012

Slippery When Wet

Better Bath 3-D Vinyl Tub MatBetter Bath Ulti-Mat Vinyl Tub MatBetter Bath Ulti-Mat Vinyl Tub MatWhen it comes to bath time we want to make sure that we are keeping our little one as safe as possible. To eliminate risk in the bath you should always stay with your child from the time he/she enters the bathtub to the time he/she exits the bath. Always stay in arms reach when your child is in the bathtub. This can prevent slips and falls as well as drowning dangers. Gather all the items you will need for bath time before you place your child in the water. If you have to leave the room for any reason take your child with you. One tool you can use to keep your child safe while in the tub is a slip resistant mat. Make sure that the mat has suction cups to suction to the bottom of the bathtub. The suction cups will prevent the mat from floating when it is submerged in water. If you have a textured tub these type of bath mats are not very effective. I would suggest using a bath or hand towel for your little one to sit on while in the tub. You can always take it out after and dry it. Another tool is a bath seat that slips on the side of your tub. It is easy to put in place when starting bath time and take out after bath time. Try to keep your little one seated as much as possible when in the bath tub to prevent slipping.(Easier said than done.) Integrating toys should help to distract them from standing and keep bath time fun. You could use your childs favorite duck toy or floating boat or even put in some bubbles. This should help to keep them distracted while in the tub.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Safety Gates

Playfence - Retractable Gate System - Safety GatesSummer Infant - Extra Tall Decorative Gate - Safety GatesOne of your many duties of being a parent is to keep your child safe. So why wouldn't you do your home work when finding the right child safety gate? So now the question rises, how do I find the right gate? Am I installing the gate properly? Having trouble finding the right child safety gate? Your in the right place. Here is a guide to help you find the right gate for each room you may need to put up a safety gate.

When looking for a child gate you should know what areas of your house needs to be blocked of from your new little explorer. Take a walk around your house and scope out the dangers of your house and then decide which rooms should be blocked off. Are you trying to block off a stairwell or simply trying to block off the kitchen area? If you want to block off the kitchen you could use a walk through gate which is great for big spaces or closing off a room. Walk through gates can also open and close with a swinging door and ma ny gates offer automatic closing devices. This is a great for parents because it ensures that the gate gets locked back after leaving the gated room. If you are trying to block off a stair well you should use a hardware mounted gate. This type of gate requires a little bit of work, but is worth it in the end. This is also the only type of gate you want to use for a stair well. You should never use a pressure mounting gate for a stairwell to prevent falling dangers. This type of gate is installed with screws into a wall stud. If you do not have a wall stud for this area of the house you could buy a mounting system or simply block off the area in your before you get to the stairwell, such as the hall way. The last type of gate is your pressure mounting gate. This gate is great to use if you are trying to block off a entrance. Such as a doorway or a hallway. Pressure mounting gates are easy to install and remove when needed. You can use this type of gate in just about every room in your house that you wanted to block off ,such as a laundry room or a bathroom, as long as you have a entry way.

The next step is to measure the room you want to block off and choose what design you want for your gate. Gates come in many different shapes and sizes and have vast variety of designs to accommodate your home. There are gates anywhere from metal to wooden design. Pick whatever is in your budget and what works best for you. The most important thing is to keep your child safe. That being said always follow your users guide and safety instructions that comes with your child safety gate. A great place to look for baby gates is Leaps and Bounds. Here is one of the many great baby gates that they offer

Angle-Mount Wood Safeway Baby Gate CHERRY Angle-Mount Wood Safeway Baby Gate CHERRY
What's the top reason safety gates are installed incorrectly? Many houses aren't perfectly symmetrical! If your wall ends or banisters don't quite line up, this handsome wood Angle-Mount gate is your solution. The gate's special hardware can be angled precisely as needed, so it works in virtually every situation. Makes a great top of stairs gate. Includes one-hand walk-through and quick-release mounting hardware, so you can temporarily remove the gate. Wood safety gate expands from 28 1/2""W-43""W. 31""H. Choose Cherry or Oak finish.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Dangers in the home

It's a whole new world for your little one and they are ready to explore. Before you set them out on their own. Let's take a look from their point of view. Start out by getting on the floor and see what temptations are laying at your babies finger tips. One of these interest are the wall plugs in your home. Do you have them protected with the proper wall covers? Many stores are selling the little plastic covers that go over the wall plugs. Which are difficult to get out of the outlet and more likely not to be put back into place when removed. This poses two dangers. One danger being now your child has access to the outlet. The second danger being, now the device that was intended to protect your child now poses potential danger for choking. If left out it could potentially fall on the floor, and now a wonderful mouth accessory for your child to stick in their mouth. Using a sliding wall cover is a better solution for protecting your wall outlets. They are easy to insert and hard for your child to remove. Sliding wall outlet covers are also more covenant and you don't have to remove and reinsert them whenever you get ready to use them. You just simply slide the cover and its ready for use. Do you have the proper areas in your home blocked off from your little one? Such areas would be the bathroom, laundry room, and the kitchen. These places of your home pose the most danger. The bathroom and laundry room can pose drowning dangers if not proper baby proofing is not applied. It only takes an inch of water for your child to drown. You can prevent this danger by blocking off your bathroom and childproofing your bathroom. You can use a door cover or a baby gate to block access to the bathroom and use toilet locks as well as using close supervision when your child is in this room. Prevent burns by adjusting your water heater temperature to 120 Fahrenheit. A front load washer and dryer can look like a fun new toy to your little tot. Make sure that access to your laundry room is closed off. When childproofing your kitchen make sure that access to the cabinets are closed off and if you have to store cleaners in the kitchen make sure they are stored high and out of reach of small children. You can lock your cabinets using childproof door locks or magnetic locks to ensure your child can not gain access to cleaners or any cooking supplies. The pantry should also be locked up to prevent anything falling on your little one. These are a few tips you can use when childproofing your home. You should always use what works best for you. Use the most important childproofing tool, supervision. After you are finished childproofing your home you will be able to let your child roam with the peace of mind that your child is safer. Remember that accidents are going to happen and your child is going to fall every now and then. This is just to eliminate the major dangers in your home. I hope this has helped. For great child safe products please visit: Here's a great way to save Free shipping on orders of $85 or more with code SHIP85 at Leaps and Bounds